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Pair bargain ATD ribbon tweeters
One pair only new and unused with gaskets YOM circa 1998, surplus to requirements only 200.00GBP the pair -
See image of ATD units

Aftermarket Ribbon Tweeter Spares
We make replacement ribbon inserts for the Decca/Kelly/Romagna ribbon tweeters. As original, with outer mounting frame and copper connecting tags. Fitting instructions supplied.
Also pre-pleated ribbon elements suitable for repairing Gamma tweeters.
See price list for details

The HRL-1 Ribbon Tweeter
Let your craving for that elusive tweeter upgrade end here! Design-in the HRL-1 ribbon tweeter/supertweeter and sit back for a lifetime of listening pleasure.
The HRL-1 tweeter/supertweeter is a "traditional" ribbon unit of very low inertia for the most discerning hi-fi enthusiast and audiophile. It offers substantial advantages, in particular, with signals which contain significant information in the octave 10kHz to 20kHz, i.e. voices and most "acoustic" instruments. Most immediately noticeable is the resolution and precision of metallic percussion, where complex high-frequency transients must be handled without distortion or phase errors if the natural tonal characteristics are to be preserved. To complement the extended response, there is no harshness or "listener fatigue" whatsoever associated with the listening experience. The HRL-1 may be used in new high-end designs or integrated into existing systems to significantly enhance upper-octave performance.

We also remanufacture ribbon assemblies for the now (sadly) extinct Kelly MkII, Decca DK30, Decca London, and Decca Supertweeter models. In addition, we can supply matching transformers to enable the impedance of the Kelly units to be changed or customised.

We can also fit new ribbons to the Gamma tweeter or supply the pre-pleated foil elements for owners to try a DIY repair. See "prices".

We will do our best to help with any problems relating to traditional (aluminium diaphragm) units of any creed or colour.

An example project using HRL-1

Fixing the Decca Supertweeter's appetite for new ribbons

DIY-Testing ribbon inserts

Bass intolerance and crossover considerations

Secondhand units/parts advertisments

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hand-crafted loudspeaker units for music lovers

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