Howard Dawson Audio - Price List (updated 26 Jan 2013)

Pair HRL-1 ribbon tweeter/supertweeters ... 320.00 (Please ring or e-mail to check availability)
Spare diaphragm assy. for HRL-1 ................ 12.00
We regret that, due to the hand-made nature of the HRL-1, we are unable to offer quantity prices on this product.

Remanufactured ribbon assys. to fit Kelly MkII/DeccaDK30/London/Supertweeter ...
(There are two types - one fits Decca Supertweeter only, the other fits all horned models)
1 to 9 - 18.50
10 to 24 - 16.00
25 or more - 14.50
Please state which model when ordering (quantity prices are for multiples of same type)

New item- Decca Supertweeter add-on filter to increase x/over slope from 6dB/oct to 18dB/oct - greatly extends ribbon life by eliminating unwanted bass throughput. Simple in-line connection and housed in small plastic enclosure.
Price each 18.50

Ferrite-cored autotransformer for ribbon tweeter impedance manipulation - 30.00 each

Although we do not advertise spares for the old Quad devices, we will do our best to help any Quad owners who are in a muddle. We do not like to think that fine equipment of this kind is lying idle!

We can also put new ribbons in the Gamma VLD-12 tweeter (see image), but unfortunately it is not a simple DIY job with an insert like the Decca/Kellys. You would need to send them to have the work done. Cost of this 50.00 for a pair assuming there are no problems with the units besides the ribbons themselves. Owner should arrange carriage both ways, being notified by us when the repairs and testing are completed.

'Raw' ribbons, pre-pleated ready to stretch into place for users to try DIY repair. Suitable for HRL-1, all Decca/Kelly, and Gamma VLD-12, VLD-13.
10 ribbons - 20.00

Postal Charges
Ribbons, ribbon inserts and transformers 2.00 (per parcel) in U.K.
Overseas 5.00 for ribbons, inserts, and transformers (per parcel).
HRL-1 pair - please e-mail to determine current shipping cost.

Payment Options
Cheques/Money Orders sent by snail-mail should be payable to "Howard Dawson Audio", and made out in pounds sterling please.

You can do a direct bank fund transfer (but sometimes incurs significant extra charges).

You can use Paypal to "". Payment must be in GBP currency.
Please notify by e-mail if you have made a payment via Paypal, as the automatic notification they provide is not 100% reliable.

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