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Secondhand Items For Sale/Wanted (updated 07 Jul 2011)

I am constantly being asked for secondhand 'difficult' original parts and complete units, and am sometimes offered these items. I do not wish to get involved in this myself, but offer this page as a central point where users can do such deals between themselves.
Hopefully it will be easier than trawling the net and auction sites.

You can advertise your surplus or wanted items here :

The items MUST only be relevant to traditional ribbon technology, e.g. secondhand Decca/Kelly or similar units, spares for them, or crossovers for them. NO cone or dome speakers please.

To use this facility you should e-mail me with the following information:

Concise list of the item(s) for sale/wanted.
Your name.
An e-mail address for interested parties to contact you.
The country you live in (not a full postal address).

I will then post these details on this page at the earliest opportunity.

If you subsequently satisfy your requirements, you should let me know so that I can remove your entry.

I will not formally charge for this, but any small contribution (via Paypal) would be gratefully received in the event of a successful sale/purchase. This is up to the conscience of the seller/buyer.

Items for sale
Nothing at present-sorry.

Items wanted
Transformer for Decca London tweeter, might also consider complete single unit.
Please reply to Marin (in UK)

Pair Decca London tweeters for use in London enclosures.
Please reply to Ronnie Scott (in UK?)

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For further assistance or information :

Tel/Fax (01263) 734361

e-mail for further info
Please ensure you use a relevant subject line so that your message is not treated as spam, i.e. deleted unread.
If you send any attachments, e.g. photos, please try to keep total size below about 1Mb.
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