Freeware for Acorn Risc OS Computers

SchemEd Electronic Circuit Editor (Version 1.08b)

Everything should now be fully 32-bit compatible, as development is now being done using Beagleboard hardware and the latest ROOL C tools. Both SchemEd and BSpice have also been tested satisfactorily on the Raspberry Pi.
Further patches and upgrades will appear here as and when they become worthwhile.

Download SchemEd V1.08 (26 Jun 2015) (Zip Archive 643Kb)

Download a patch to upgrade SchemEd V1.08 to V1.08b (11 Aug 2015) (Zip Archive 175Kb)

If you intend doing SPICE analysis, you also need !BSpice3f5 V1.05

Download !BSpice3f5 V1.05 (25 Aug 2015) (Zip Archive 530Kb)

Here is a selection of example drawn circuits and SPICE-ready circuits

Download example circuit files (Zip Archive 169Kb)


EZLink : A Desktop Front-End for ZeriLink

The easiest way to use John Kortink's ZeriLink system. Only caters for Acorn-to-Acorn transfers I'm afraid, but nevertheless anyone using Risc OS and wanting to copy HDD contents or other large amounts of data will find it useful.
You need to stick to the 2.42 version of the Zerilink module (supplied) as later versions are not compatible when using ECP parallel port mode. Due to a nasty accident with a *Wipe command, I have lost all the source code and therefore cannot fix it without megawork.

* Copies directories and applications without archiving *

* No need to copy anything anywhere before sending *

* No scripts to prepare - operation is by drag and drop *

* Can copy entire hard disc contents if required *

* Allows some use of desktop during copying sessions *

Download EZLink V0.09 (Zip Archive 75Kb) (Last uploaded 20 Dec 2004)


DrawRuler : Pointer Coordinates Readout and Settings Display for !Draw

Shows a small window that reports work area X-Y coordinates and !Draw settings when over a !Draw document. Automatically picks up changes made to !Draw's grid and scaling settings by sending regular 'Save Desktop' Wimp messages to !Draw and reading back, via a temporary buffer in Pipe:$, the current values contained in the system variable Draw$Options. Also shows 'at a glance' some of these settings that cannot otherwise be checked unless you traverse the menu trees of !Draw.

Download DrawRuler V0.04 (Zip Archive 26Kb) (Last uploaded 25 Feb 2003)
Note: You will need the 32-bit resources (from Castle's site) for pre-Iyonix machines.

Zipper : Another (yawn..) Desktop Zip/Unzip Front-End

Drag and drop interface for the Info-zip zip/unzip routines (included). Filer-like presentation designed for ease of use.

Download Zipper V0.07 (Zip Archive 183Kb) (Last uploaded 04 Sep 2009)

Anyone finding this, quite understandably, to be a bad case of 'chicken and egg' can download the following self-extracting version.
Download Zipper V0.07 (Self-extracting Zip Archive 209Kb) (Last uploaded 04 Sep 2009)
Make sure the filetype (Absolute &FF8) is correct and double-click to extract.
Note that extraction is into the CSD by default.


DosExt : Add/remove/modify DOS extensions on filenames

Download DosExt V0.01 (Zip Archive 21Kb) (Last uploaded 21 Jan 2008)


PinManagr : Pinboard file manager

Simple-to-use Pinboard file management that will select appropriately from a user-created library of Pinboard files according to the display mode in use, allowing (if needs be), a consistent appearance across differing screen modes. My own use for this was that I like to have icons round the edge of the screen, which means that they move off-screen or inboard on-screen when the display mode is changed. I just got fed up with fishing around for different Pinboard files to suit the screen mode, and this little utility does it all automatically.

Download PinManagr V0.02 (Zip Archive 28Kb) (Last uploaded 07 Feb 2004)

e-mail with any bugs/ideas.

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